Big Crypto hacks: Bad crypto news of the week

There is some bad news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts this week. As the hackers managed to get access to a few high profile twitter accounts, it caused ripples in the cryptocurrency world. The attackers requested for some donations after promising a return of 2:1. As usual, most novice traders and enthusiasts fell prey to this trick and donated money. It is estimated that the attackers managed to collect over $100000 in Bitcoin from various people. Apart from that, the attackers may also have used personal data for other malicious activities.

Further reports are awaited in this regard from the authorities. However, it must be noted here that experts in the field of cybersecurity and finance had disclosed their concerns for the security of this currency very early and now it seems their suspicion has taken the form of reality. More details on the incident will help users to have better precautions or stop using the same.

Massive hacking of twitter accounts

In an unprecedented attack on high profile twitter accounts, hackers managed to spread panic in the cryptocurrency industry. The hackers managed to put scam messages on various high profile accounts including that of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Kanye West. They appealed for donations in Bitcoins, and the donors were promised a return of 2:1 on the amount donated in Bitcoins. In this way, they were able to collect a large amount of money before things came under control.

Unknown attackers used Monero?

In early reports that are coming from investigating agencies, it is noticed that scammers used Monero, and this suggests that they may be associated with crypto for portal. The portal is now defunct, and it is still not clear if the attackers are from this batch. Justin Sun, who was one of the victims, is even offering a one million bounty to the person who can track the scammers.

Two promoters of OneCoin scam found dead

In a shocking development, the dead bodies of two of the OneCoin scam promoters are found in Mexico. It appears like they were killed and their bodies were dumped in suitcases. According to initial reports from agencies, the two men who acted as promoters of OneCoin were kidnapped and killed. The cause of death is said to be suffocation. Police have identified them as Ignacio Ibarra and Oscar Brito Ibarra who were earlier involved in the OneCoin scam.