TikTok Sends Dogecoin Cost Value To Two Years High As Twitter Says ‘Be Smart’

TikTok is a very popular application used as a video sharing platform. It is owned by ByteDance, which is an Internet technology company based in Beijing, launched in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is famous for many short dance videos, talent, and comedy videos. It is one of the most popular applications worldwide. It mainly got fame after it merged with musical.ly in October 2018.

Dogecoin is defined as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is open source. It is taken under the consideration of being an altcoin. It was initially created as a joke, and so is also popularly known as sarcastic meme coin. Although it was made as a joke, it still carries blockchain that has merit. It was developed and brought into being in 2013 in the month of December.

For your information, the market capitalization of Dogecoin is under 500 million USD. That was enough with the background check. Let’s get into the main subject.

The Main Matter: TikTok Sending DOGE Cost to 2-Year High for Twitter Saying to Be Smart

As we already had a background check on TikTok and Dogecoin (DOGE), here’s the main concern. The profits made from a brand new viral campaign that supported DOGE on TikTok resulted in a request or appeal to speculators from the account of Dogecoin.

The cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE), also said to be meme-based, has warned the dealers against the supposition right after the money value of DOGE made a profit of 15% in less than a day time. On the 8th of July, 2020, a tweet from the manager of the DOGE twitter account cleared about its appeal to the purchasers for being “heedful of the public intentions when they instruct you to purchase things.”

‘Be Safe and be Smart’: From DOGE to the Dealers Out There

DOGE has gone way high up in the recent period, and the complete credit goes to a renowned action that deals with the videos going viral on TikTok. There is a heavy increment seen in the volume, and it is 2000% where Google trends have made the confirmation that a large quantity of interest in how to buy the altcoin, 27th position in worldwide by market cap at present.

Reports also revealed that enthusiasm is completely surrounding these two trends: 1. “dogecointiktokchallange,”  2. “#dogecointiktokchallenge.”

The Ones to Use TikTok are Even Inviting Others to Join

Even the users of TikTok are uploading videos on trading and performances and sending an invitation to the others for joining them in this. One such video even brings into play in the economy to own DOGE/dollar to 1 USD.

During the press, the couple dealt comparatively in more low-key 0.042 USD. It is till date at the top since October 2018, the same time when musical.ly and TikTok merged.


So, that was all about TikTok transferring Dogecoin value to 2 years high as Twitter said to be smart. That was the best of the information you can get regarding this update on cryptocurrency.